And Now For Something Completely Different!

*Note to any reader – if you can tell me how to convince WordPress that I REALLY TRULY want paragraph breaks, and to please stop taking them away every time I put them in, I would be truly grateful.  I spent longer trying to get WP to recognize my line breaks in this blog post than I did actually writing the post, and I’ve given up for tonight.

I have been slammed with a head cold for the past few days, and it has not put me in a blogging frame of mind.  My thought processes have been moving very slowly, and my energy levels have been sufficient only for the bare minimum – shower, dress, eat, opera rehearsal, that kind of thing.

Over the weekend I roused myself long enough to take my daughter to a local production of the ballet Swan Lake.  I was startled to realize that the only ballets I’ve ever been to were The Nutcracker, The Nutcracker, and The Nutcracker.  I think of myself as being more cultured than that, but apparently not when it comes to ballet.

Now, I know that if you want a complex and thought-provoking plot, you go to a play or a movie (or read a book), and if you want a beautiful spectacle, you go to an opera or the ballet.  But if you’re not all that into people leaping about in tights, I now present (because I have nothing deeper to say at the moment) …

The Plot of Swan Lake

Act I:  Bad Sorceror steals princess.  Turns princess into Swan Queen.

Act II:  The prince is a man now!  Party!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  Dancing!  He must choose a wife.

Act III:  Look! Swans!  And Bad Sorceror who is now a black swan or hawk or something.  Look! Swans!  (repeat for approximately six hours)
The prince is here.  “She has the most glitter – therefore it is True Love.”

Act IV:  The prince must choose a wife.  Here are some options.  A girl!  Another girl!  Another girl!  Another girl!  Another girl!  Another girl!  Another girl!  Lots of girls!
He chooses … the Bad Sorceror’s daughter!  She is the swan princess, right?  No?  Crap!  Red lighting, thunder, badness.  Run away, run away!
Act V:  Back to the pond.  Look!  Swans!  (repeat for three hours)
It’s you, my glittery love!  Oh no.  Bad sorceror.  Badness, badness.  But he dies, yay!  Swan Queen is a girl now!  Kiss kiss.
(Alternate ending:  Everyone dies!  Sadness.  Curtain.)
End:  Bow.  Bow again.  Bow again.  Bow again.  Bow again.  Bow again.
You’re welcome.

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