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Step by Step

Everyone’s on a journey, one way or another. Everybody’s got a past, and everybody’s got a story. This is where I’d like to tell a little bit of mine. My path has taken some unexpected detours in the last few years, and this seemed like a good way to chronicle my wanderings.

One of the most surprising changes in my life has been the gradual discovery that I’m not a very good Baptist any more. I’m still a Christian, but a random encounter with a Quaker church (it had pretty stained-glass windows and I couldn’t drive by without taking pictures) turned into a complete derailment of my denominational train of thought. I’m not 100% sure I’m a Quaker, but that’s the road I’m walking on right now, so that’s a lot of what I’ll be writing about.

I might also write about parenting a teenager, parenting an autistic 10-year-old, playing the piano, making cookies, and playing a no-holds-barred game of chicken with my fortieth birthday. (So far I’m winning.) You Just Never Know.

And on this road to righteousness,

Sometimes the climb can be so steep

I may falter in my steps

But never beyond Your reach

Oh God, you are my God,

And I will ever praise you.

I will seek you in the morning,

And I will learn to walk in your ways,

And step by step you’ll lead me,

And I will follow you all of my days.